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Wednesday 14 November 2018

What happened to sky-scanner, they do not have cheap flights anymore?


SkyScanner has algorithms that determine what you ‘as an individual’ see displayed. If your prices seem high it is because they are feeding you what they predict you are willing to pay and desire. C-Trip (the Chinese state owned OTA) bought SS last year and have since changed many things. You may notice that some airlines have no competing fares (UA, AA, etc) as SS has done a deal to remove competition for the airlines in exchange for….??

SS also has preferred (read more profitable to SS) suppliers (OTA’s) that they will put forward, and eliminate lower cost options. So yes you may not be seeing the cheapest flights.

Here are 5 ways to find the lowest cost airfares using SkyScanner…

  1. Switch your search to incognito or private view to hide your digital browser identity from them.
  2. When you do a search and the results come back, sort by cheapest. By default now SS is giving you the ‘best’ results… Best for who???
  3. When you select your flight from an OTA and arrive on their site, redo the search from the beginning. You may find a cheaper option than what SS gave you…. maybe a different airline but $400 cheaper and faster…
  4. Some of SS suggested fares are combo’s of 2 one ways… check to see if yours is one of them. Check both RT and 2 one ways to see if fare is cheaper.
  5. SS uses cached data (saved from earlier in the day) and so do some Airlines and OTA’s so you may not be getting correct pricing. Always check on the OTA website for the most ‘recent fare’ which should be displayed. Goig back to SS for the same search will often give you the same (false) results as it is just using stored data.

Future.Travel we may appear as an option for flights on SS… depending on your market. We are blocked in some markets, in some cases your personal algorithm may preclude us from being displayed even in markets where we exist. That is the nature of today’s ‘shopping online’ for travel with SS. We understand the process. Just come to us directly for realtime pricing and availability. Or visit your favourite OTA/Travel Agent to check out the best options for your travel. There are flights cheaper than what you see on SkyScanner.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

What is the best app for making free phone calls while traveling abroad?


At one time I owned a telephone company.

The question for making ‘free phone calls’ I will take to mean calling: 1. a local pstn number in the country; 2. Making an international call to a fixed phone/mobile phone somewhere in the world; 3. It does not mean making an ap to ap call (peer to peer call.. eg using Whatsap to call another Whatsp user); 4. We are really saying ‘ap to call a PSTN’ terminated calls.

For the best through put you are probably looking at Skype. Quality is good on WhatsAp. Best calls today are ap to ap calls. At Future.Travel we have a fixed PSTN number, and also list direct calls via WhatsAp, Viber, Skype, and Zalo for contacting us. Serious business requires the ability for global customers to call you 24/7 without the limitations of phone (PSTN) restrictions or tolls.

Thursday 18 October 2018

What is the other name of air tickets?


At the airport they may be called coupons. Future.Travel issues e-Tickets so the use of coupons, or paper tickets, is not an issue. Globally the move to etickets for cheap discount flights took place a few years ago. Today air tickets for business class and economy are exclusively done as eticketing. So an air ticket could be referred to as an eticket.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

How do I book a flight ticket with a wheel chair assistant?


A lot of airlines will allow you to book a wheelchair by calling them. At Future.Travel as you are making your seating selection you can also request a wheelchair.

When the booking comes through the automated system it is automatically flag ged for a wheelchair. We will generally call you to find out what type of wheelchair assistance you need. For example can you get down the aisle of the plane without a wheelchair? Do you need a wheelchair just to get from the gate to the door of the aeroplane? Do you need a wheelchair from check-in all the way to the door of your plan? Are you able to climb stairs? At Future.Travel we make it very simple for people with disabilities to travel. It starts with ticking the box to see what you need.

Thursday 11 October 2018

Does going incognito online really help find cheaper airline tickets?


We at Future.Travel do not adjust your prices or flights displayed based on your cookies or previous visits.

That being said how you arrive to our site says a lot about what you will see. We have noticed that Skyscanner has taken their AI purchase predictor to a new level (along with some not so sophisticated, but effective, display tactics). They will, based on your email, social media, search history display what their AI predicts you will buy. So your display from them is provided with what has been ‘filtered’ to fit your person paradigm according to their logic. The baby has gone out with the bath water. You get what they determined is the best for you…. to buy from/through them.

This means you may not get all the flights, the cheapest, most convenient flights, or from competing OTA’s (online travel agents) that may disrupt the predicted outcome.

Say you find a flight on your favourite meta engine (Like Chinese owned Skycanner (SS) for example) and shop for a flight. First up... the results are returned as the ‘best’ option… not cheapest. Best for who? So first the best cheap travel hacks… always reset the search order after flights are displayed on a meta to be ‘Cheapest’ first. This will force the system to reorder and provide flights not previously displayed. If the meta has 240 results and it says it is displaying 160, tick the box to “Display All”, again this will force the system to reorder and provide flights not previously displayed.

So your search has led you to an OTA with the flights you want at a price you are comfortable with, but maybe higher priced than expected. Lets say the OTA is Future.Travel as they appeared in the search result options. SS will redirect you to the site, to the exact choice they guided you to during your search. You may find that by repeating the same search on the OTA you chose (in this case Future.Travel) you could find dozens of flights cheaper than what you had selected on SS. This has to do with direct flight linking that SS uses with OTA’s and the predictive nature of how people shop and buy. Second best cheap travel hack… when you arrive on the website of the OTA after being redirected by a meta site like SS, always recreate the search to see what is on offer and if you are really getting the best on offer from the OTA. You may find a much cheaper option is offered on the same or other airlines.

So to answer the question…Does going incognito online really help find cheaper airline tickets?… absolutely if you are dealing with large meta consolidators who redirect you to an OTA website or Airline website. Probably not necessary if you go direct to the OTA.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

How do I save money on the airfare without using a cheap airline?


The best is book early. At Future.Travel you can book up to 11 months ahead on some airlines. There are great low cost seats available that early.

Second to that, when you use a meta engine like Wego, Skyscanner, etc ALWAYS shop in private or incognito mode, and ALWAYS sort on cheapest when you get results. The meta engines will often sort for you their ‘best’ solution to make them more money… but not necessarily the cheapest flight.

If you don’t mind a few stops it is generally cheaper to take extra stops to get to a destination… odd but true. Same as for how long to arrive… longer overall trip duration often means cheaper flights.

Always check the business class price for the route… some times it is cheaper than economy…

Use an agent to do the work for you… your time is worth money…agents work cheap and know some secrets that you will not discover easily.

Thursday 4 October 2018

How can I get cheap plane tickets to Japan?


Cheap airline tickets, discounted airline tickets do not have to come at the cost of service. We are at Future.Travel are committed to providing great service to our customers regardless of the price they may pay for a ticket. We so believe in people that we donate from every single online transaction to social enterprise to help the local community. Currently we are providing bicycles for children who have no way to get to school other than walking up to five or 10 km. We believe you would like to help others as well. So to this end we provide you the opportunity to join us in the crowdfunding exercise to help support others in need. We let you match our donation to the chosen social enterprise.

Like it all good organizations, we are completely transparent. We accept all major credit cards, including JCB, and you can pay via Bitcoin no matter where you may live.

The next time you buy ticket, and are of thinking low cost airline tickets, think of Future.Travel where your purchase is also helping change someone’s life through a passive donation. You will have a great trip and someone halfway around the world will have access to a better life.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

What's a good hack for airline travel?


Perhaps the best hack is not to get ripped off via onboard wifi. The cost of inflight wifi can take your credit card account to a place you don’t want to know about. Future.Travel in an eBlog talks about how to set up your phone/laptop so it is not eating $ by connecting to the internet when flying. They also look at how to not pay (get free wifi when flying) by accessing the free Google portal that is unadvertised for many inflight wifi systems. Even works with cheap airline tickets or if you are sitting up front in a discounted business class ticket. Future Travel Experiences @ Future.Travel

Thursday 27 September 2018

How do you find a last-minute flight that is heavily discounted?


You might like to check Future.Travel as we provide ticketing up to time of flight on some airlines. If you get a warning that the flight is not able to be purchased due to time restrictions, you can still chat with us live online to overide the booking system to issue you the ticket. Shortest time to book from contact… 4 minutes. Most last ticket windows for airlines is 1 hour prior to departure, some 2 or 4 hours as they need to do catering and load (weight) management prior to departure within xx hours of takeoff.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Are online cheap tickets legitimate, or do I need to take some risk?


Just like the saying ‘don’t believe everything you read’ is true, the same goes for ‘cheap tickets online’. Unfortunately the practice of bait and switch still exists online, and in some cases with very large brand name outlets. At some point they get caught…. or not. You the consumer wear the cost.

Online can be safer that over the counter, and cheaper. You take a risk where ever you buy. So some good hints to safe buying.

  1. Know what you think you should pay
  2. If you see a deal that is too good to be true… wonder why this is possible. In some cases buying outside your normal shopping area can yeild a better price as costs and prices are lower due to taxes, and labour. We see that lot on Future.Travel
  3. When you shop on SkyScanner and other meta engines ALWAYS select cheapest as they will by default send you to the ‘Best’ deal (for them??) for a flight.
  4. Shop in the local currency of the website (Peso’s, Pounds, Euros, Dong, Rupiah, etc) as you avoid the exchange rate influence at pricing to cover a currency spread.
  5. Take your search the way to the last page of a transaction as many sites add costs along the way so when you arrive at checkout your cost is much higher than what was advertised.
  6. If possible talk to a human after you have booked to see if the details match, and to see what the service response is to your inquiry.

Risk… sure.. Qaking up in the morning is risky as you have no idea what could happen during the day.. but much better than the alternative.

Buying online can be very safe. Choose your partner well, and make sure you trust your gut instincts as to whether to proceed.

Thursday 20 September 2018

How can I save money on airfares?



This is a solution that works for purchasing online, and also purchasing over the counter at the travel agency.

At Future.Travel we manage many different airlines in many different countries. Ultimately it comes time to pay for those tickets. We like airlines and OTA’s hedge against other currencies in order to pay the airline in their specific currency. I think your find that if you pay in the local currency of the country in which you were shopping, for instance we are in Vietnam, you will have paid less for a ticket than in your favourite currency if it is different than the currency of the merchant. You’ve taken the hedge out of the equation and have a lower price. You and your bank then are in Control of the exchange rate to save you the ‘hedge’ value on the transaction.

Tuesday 18 September 2018

When booking for multiple destination flights, how are fares and terms likely to differ from regular return and one-way tickets?



There are many different ways to construct a multi stop airline ticket. At Future.Travel we provide the ability for the customer to allow the system to create a multi stop ticket, or to have the customer do it manually.

The benefit of having the system generated the multi-stop ticket is it generally allows for the itinerary to be issued on one ticket. This is important for a few reasons.

First is it will combine allowed airline connections and fare basis.

In most cases that allows through connection of baggage. No need to recheck at each stop.

Pricing is almost always cheaper than any set of single one way tickets being connected.

If there are problems you have one point of contact instead of many, as it’s all on one ticket. That also means that you normally have one set of terms and conditions for the entire journey, as it is issued on one ticket.

When you select multicity searches on Future.Travel or any other site that allows you to make your own choices as to which airlines to combine, what connection times you want to have, and and of course select the pricing that suits your budget. You can achieve the same outcomes. There are some risks however.

Baggage seems to be the largest issue the people face. Immigration, as you need to clear customs and immigration to check-in for each new flight, in some cases requiring a visa for a country just to transit. In proper or insufficient time for connections as the automated system has by default the minimum connect time for airports built-in’s.

With a single ticket multicity ticket and you may find one set of rules, if any one flight in the itinerary is delayed or cancelled the airline will look after you. When you construct your own through multicity ticketing, on separate airlines, airlines do not care if you miss your flight on the next airline Of your itinerary as they are only providing you point to point service. They are not the carrier taking you to the final destination.

Thursday 13 September 2018

How do you know when flights are partially full?



Airlines are pretty good at hiding numbers to create scarcity and to maintain demand at a higher price. You may have been to an airline or OTA website that says ‘only 5 seats left’ or ‘only 2 seats left’ to help you to a ‘quick decision’ to purchase. You follow through and arrive at the airport to find the plane is 1/2 full…at best. What???

At Future.Travel we followed up on this annoyance to the consumer and implemented a way for a customer to see the available seat numbers remaining on a flight. Airlines are not real happy with us, but that is what happens when you introduce transparency to the booking and ticketing path for an airline ticket.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

What systems do online travel agencies use to book international flight tickets?



I can’t answer for all OTA’s, at Future.Travel we have access to many GDS systems. The systems have hundreds of millions of flight combinations available to be drawn out given the correct programming.

We limit the system to the top 300 fastest choices, and then sort them by price, number of connections, and time of day.

What you will see is the fastest responding, lowest priced airfare available for a desired itinerary. We sort out long connections, flights with six or more connections to reach a destination.


Thursday 6 September 2018

Can we get a cheaper air ticket at the last minute on the airport?



At Future.Travel we have customers calling us from the check-in counter quite often.

They are tired, upset, and generally trying to get themselves sorted out of a bad situation from some airline or personal mishap.

As a general rule most airlines will close off ticketing to three hours before the flight. On the Future.Travel site, in some cases, we can still ticket those flights right up to one hour prior to departure. It does need to be done manually.


Tuesday 4 September 2018

How do I find cheap random airline tickets?



Several meta websites, Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, as well as Google will allow you to discover or search for trending flights. They are the listings of what is generally the lowest cost (cheap airline tickets) that the meta providers have searched in last 2 weeks. On the Future.Travel Best travel website for airline tickets No Booking Fee website you can ask for a calendar of +/- 3 days for an itinerary you have chosen to find the lowest published fares across the dates and it provides the view of all airlines. About 400 choices per day X 7days. Future.Travel combines both low cost carriers (LCC) and full service airlines in those results.

Friday 31 August 2018

What is the real price of an issue plane ticket?



What a good question! At Future.Travel we have issued thousands of tickets. The price of each one is different. In practice you can be sure that the LCC or discount airline ticket is costing the agent more to issue than a full service airline. The full service airlines subsidise or even pay a rebate for issuing their tickets via GDS or direct airline agents connection. The LCC’s normally charge per passenger, and per segment flown , so the ‘price to issue’ a ticket may be very low as in a full service GDS airline, or more expensive on a very linear expense scale for an agency who does a group booking on an LCC.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

What can one do to actually save money on airfare (excluding airfare sites)?



This is a solution that works for purchasing online, and also purchasing over the counter at the travel agency.

At Future .Travel we manage many different airlines in many different countries. Ultimately it comes time to pay for those tickets. We like airlines and OTA’s hedge against other currencies in order to pay the airline in their specific currency. I think your find that if you pay in the local currency of the country in which you were shopping, for instance we are in Vietnam, you will have paid less for a ticket than in your favourite currency if it is different than the currency of the merchant. You’ve taken the hedge out of the equation and have a lower price. You and your bank then are in Control of the exchange rate to save you the ‘hedge’ value on the transaction.

Monday 27 August 2018

Is it better if I book my air tickets online or consult a travel agent online? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using online travel agencies?



Do both.

At Future.Travel Best travel website for airline tickets No Booking Fee we are online and available for consultation via chat and a 24/7 call centre. Sometime the simplest issue turns into a huge issue, and it is best to ask before you buy if you have a question.

The advantages of online is the speed and a large selection of options readily sorted to meet your travel needs. The disadvantage in many cases is the inability to speak to someone about a question. Future.Travel manages that issue and is the perfect blend of do it yourself online with a support team to assist you if you have a question.

Thursday 23 August 2018

How do I find a round-trip airline ticket going to Australia from the States at Christmas time, for less than $2000?


Future.Travel Best travel website for airline tickets No Booking Fee are in a lot of markets (including the USA) but blocked by some meta partners from competing…. so this advice may not show you arriving at our site, Future.Travel as we may be blocked in your market. It is the nature of control by the meta engine corporations to allow you to see what they want (translate to what they make a profit on) and not necessarily the best or lowest cost option for your travels.

A choice you might look at is going to Skyscanner and selecting the whole month.. from anywhere in the USA to Anywhere in Australia. You need to select the whole month option.

This will give you some choices….from there you can narrow down your dates, departure and arrival cities.

You may find that it is cheaper to fly out of one city and back to another, likewise to one city, and out of another on your return flight. And check for one ways in each direction. Then test the prices on a real website (not a meta engine) like Future.Travel.

Best to do your shopping now… Given your stated budget a quick look on the Future.Travel website shows you can have a very Merry Christmas in Australia with about A$1000 left for shopping for last minute gifts.

Hope you can help spread the seasons meaning by purchasing online with Future.Travel where we automatically donate the dollars of our transactions to help those in need. Check out our CSR programme for online purchases: Corporate and Social Responsibility - Future.Travel and Serving children in Vietnam with a focus on education| Future.Travel - Future.Travel

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