A Piggy Bank for a new age. It now has an email address for ₿itcoin ⚡ deposits!

In an earlier blog (https://your.future.travel/post/2021/03/24/A-Piggy-Bank-for-a-new-age-How-to-set-up-a-Lightning-Network-Bitcoin-savings-system-for-kids-or-others) we talked about setting up a Lightning ₿itcoin Piggybank. Now the Piggybank has an email like address where you can send Sats from any Lightning Address enabled wallet (Like Wallet of Satoshi, Blixt, Blue Wallet, or LNTXBOT) to the Piggybank.

The movement of funds around the world just got easier. So easy that there is every reason to support children and friends around the world in their saving programmes.

With a Lighting Address an everyday email address can be enabled to receive Bitcoin in the form of Satoshi's the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. Current only Lighting enabled domains can receive funds, but to enable a domain is relatively easy so the day will come where sending a few cents, dollars, yen, dong around the world is as easy as typing an email address. For today the choices look like this:

Bitcoin Lightning wallets that support sending and receiving to Lightning Addresses.

Wallet Sending Receiving
Blixt ☑️ WIP
BlueWallet ☑️ ----
Breez ☑️ ----
coinos WIP ☑️
LNbits ☑️ WIP
@lntxbot ☑️ ☑️
@LightningTipBot ☑️ ☑️
Phoenix ☑️ ----
ThunderHub ☑️ ----
Wallet of Satoshi ☑️ ----
SBW ☑️ ----
ZEBEDEE (and Bots, and Extensions) ☑️ ☑️
Zeus ☑️ ----


To follow on for the Piggybank set up earlier in a previous blog, it was set up using an LNTXBOT wallet, which is on the list of supporting wallets for use of a Lightning Address we simply send Sats to the 'address' for the Piggybanks Wallet.

So how to fund the Piggybank with an address? Simply open your Lightning wallet (one of those on the list above will work) and choose to send the funds using the 'Lightning Address'. Here is an example from the Wallet of Satoshi to send to the user "Piggybank" (in real life you would replace the username 'Piggybank" with the username you wanted to send funds to).

Use the @ to choose Pay by address Type in the address to receive the funds  Select the value you want send

Easy. Your Piggybank now has an address to receive funds. Surprise the kids or friends and send them some Sats. It is really easy to be generous.

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