Lightning Bitcoin ATM saving you money on travel

Lightning ATM Future Travel sm.jpg, Sep 2020

Lightning Bitcoin ATM’s are still rare and not easy to find. The big ATM vendors are getting the lion share of mapping coverage and Lightning Bitcoin ATM’s are generally not yet being shown. This is particularly true for ‘generic’ machines that are not set up to pay the mapping site or are providing a % of turnover to the ATM manufacturer.

There is a simple way to get on the ‘ATM map’, which is also crawled for information and content by GOOGLE, to get your generic or other brand of ATM on the map of people looking to buy Bitcoin BTC using their Lightning Bitcoin wallet.

Get listed on OpenStreetMap

  1. Register on as a user.

  2. Watch these two video’s to help you understand how ‘tags’ and ‘mapping’ work: - about 5 minute basic concept of how tags work on OpenStreetMap - about 10 minute tutorial

  3. After getting the handle on how to add a point to a map as shown in the videos above, then add a ‘point’ for your ATM’s.

    Here is an example for Bitcoin ATM operated by BitcoinVN in Ho Chi Minh City for traditional Bitcoin ATM’s (they also appear on

    BitcoinVN ATM’s appear on the Map as location for a Bitcoin ATM when someone searched for “Bitcoin ATM Ho Chi Minh”, it could easily have been a search “Bitcoin ATM near me”

    Bitcoin ATM HCMC - OpenStreetMap.jpg, Sep 2020

    Clicking on the location opens up more details about the map point / node

    Bitcoin ATM node info - SGN.jpg, Sep 2020

    The node shows the address and other details about the point on the map that are available for the user or can be ‘grabbed’ for use by search engines or mapping api’s that use the OpenStreetMap data for their own mapping needs. To get the map to actively display the ATM and business associated to it, the node/point tags must be must be populated. In this example each of the tags are clearly defined.

    Bitcoin ATM node info - SGN-1.jpg, Sep 2020

    Notice the tagname’ matches what is displayed on the map. This is the key for how a generic Lightning Bitcoin ATM can get on the map without being part of the established ‘manufactured’ group machines that are currently supported by Bitcoin BTC ATM maps.

  4. There are generic, custom built, and privately managed Lightning Bitcoin ATM’s such as the open source machines developed by 21isenough and shared to the world via A generic Lightning Bitcoin ATM can get on the map as this one at Future.Travel has done by following the same process as above.

    Lightning ATM Map - HCMC.jpg, Sep 2020

    When setup it provides the map reader some of the basic information needed to find the ATM and to understand what can done on site. It also is feeding the search engines and other mapping programmes the information they need to display the ATM to others around the world.

    Lightning Bitcoin ATM -FT-map.jpg, Sep 2020

  5. The key value to getting your Lightning Bitcoin ATM on the map is for people to find it.  Use the ‘name’ key as the way to identify that you are a “Lightning Bitcoin ATM”. This name is the key to the search as the map search engines are looking for key words. eg. “Lightning” “Bitcoin” “ATM”. They tend ignore everything else (like the Brand or Operator) so if you replace the ‘name’ with Bitcoin LightningATM, you would get no results as it can not find ‘LightningATM’ as a name as it may be considered a ‘brand’.

  6. Strength in numbers. With the name key holding the words “Lightning” “Bitcoin” “ATM” you get 3 chances to appear in the search results. Have all 3 words as your name and your ATM will appear in 99% of the searches for your geographic location.

Why use Bitcoin via the Lightning network to make a purchase? The use of crypto currencies is growing for good reason, for the merchant it allows them to reduce the cost of the product or service being delivered as they eliminate underlaying bank fees and charges for having a bank credit card merchant facility. They can sell to the consumer using a Bitcoin Lightning merchant platform like NeutronPay for literally the same price as a cash sale.

For the consumer using the Bitcoin Lightning network to complete a transaction removes the associated bank charges of using a card domestically or overseas, allows for instant payment at a ‘cash rate’, and the payment is not hindered by international transfer rules. You are paying the equivelent of cash to the merchant so generally the best prices are yours.

The best reason though for using the Bitcoin Lightning network is it can save a massive amount of money and time as payments are cheap and virtually instant.  ATM transfers into and out of eWallets, like the Wallet of Satoshi, make the process simple and easy. When you next travel take your crypto eWallet with you and use a Bitcoin Lightning ATM at your destination to draw local currency as needed. Likewise when you are ready to cross a currency border visit the nearest Bitcoin Lightning ATM and leave the 'old currency' in the country and refill your eWallet with fresh cryptos.

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