2020 Exit the Year of the Mouse - Entry Errors for Vietnam during a Pandemic

The year of the Mouse/Rat is coming to an end and 2020 certainly will be one not easily forgotten. The concept of ‘living on a mountain of rice but eating like a mouse’ certainly played out this year as people were forced to live off of life savings to survive.

Vietnam became the safe haven for those seeking a Covid-19 free environment, stable government, and affordable living. For some the exit from Vietnam earlier in the year became the struggle to return later in the year as the pandemic realities hit families around the world. For the Vietnamese population the departure early in the year by hundreds of English teachers and professional experts who supported business and industry soon became an issue of getting teachers and experts to return to the country.
At Industry Travel Asia, the parent of Future.Travel, our early year task for getting people ‘home’ and handling airline cancellation of flights turned to, ‘getting people and families back to Vietnam’ to work and to teach. We noticed that people as they inquire about returning to Vietnam often are coming to us after they have a disaster in their return travel processing. Here are some common issues:

  •  Trying to buy a ticket online to come to Vietnam. - Currently tickets must be issued by an IATA agency or Airline based in Vietnam, no outside country sales are recognised as being valid to carry passengers into the county by the CAAV.
  • Some airlines have Covid-19 test requirements that are more stringent to board an aircraft than Vietnam has for entry into the country. Airline rules have prevented people from boarding planes.
  • Previous Visas that were issued for multiple entry are no longer recognised as being valid, a new entry visa is required.
  • A visa or TRC for being married to a Vietnam national is not valid for entry into Vietnam.
  • A TRC, Resident card, APEC card are not able to be used to enter the county. Some TRC’s are able to used to enter the country without a new visa… on a case by case basis.
  • If you are entering into Vietnam with a new visa, (say as an ‘expert’) it ‘over writes’ any existing visa and work permit that was still in place. For example you have a current TRC/Work permit with Company A, when you return entering as an ‘expert’ visa class to work for company B, your previous TRC/Work permit with Company A is no longer valid. You can not go back to work with Company A with out getting a new work permit and associated TRC.
  • Family members must travel with the primary ‘expert’ or investor at the time of entry into the country. This rule is a strictly applied general rule and there are few exceptions in which it can be changed, but never without permission.
  • Some businesses can not afford to pay medical coverage for an employee if they fall ill with Covid-19 or any other ailment. This ‘deal breaker’ can be solved by the visitor paying for insurance coverage to remove the employers risk.
  • Demand locations (provincial cities) are not being accepted as work locations by some people looking for entry into Vietnam. Often pay in provincial locations is higher than in HCMC/Hanoi so would be ‘foreign workers’ are shooting themselves in the foot for entry.
  •  Multiple submissions to immigration for the same candidate by multiple agents who have been ‘shopped’ for an entry path leads to immediate rejection by immigration.
  • Candidates have been rejected by Consulates doing background checks when the Candidate is seen as using a non valid company to enter the country. - example: One consulate rejected the candidate when they saw 13 people apply to work for the same small company, in the same week. Foreign Consulates and Vietnam Immigration do data matching and security checks with each other and spot issues that could breach either of their positions.
  • Police checks are still done, even if you don’t supply one at time of visa application. You can not escape your past by coming to Vietnam.
  • Scammers are busy collecting money for fake paperwork, Visa services, Hotel /quarantine deposits, and airline tickets. The friend of a friend recommendation or ‘adverts’ for visa/entry processing is best verified before proceeding. Check for a business/investment license for a person or an ‘agent’ offering to assist you.

The good news is the year of the Mouse/Rat is finishing and will be replaced by the well grounded Buffalo whose hard work and steady feet will plough through the year creating real opportunities for those who want to work. Vietnam is open to those who are genuine workers and flexible in location for work or business development.
Industry Travel Asia and Future.Travel work with businesses and multi-national companies everyday to set up correct entry/exit processes for their workers, making sure the flights are synched for both the employee and the CAAV approved airlines. Happy to assist anyone who is needing access to Vietnam. Industry Travel Asia and Future.Travel do the process everyday and have the connections and pathways in place to make the travel process simple and secure. Please contact Ms Hue on +84902669335 or Ms Dương (Tiếng Việt) +84937705478 on WhatsAp/Viber/Zalo is you need support for travel to anywhere.... including Vietnam.

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