5 Simple Reasons to Reconsider a Cruise for Your Next Vacation

Cruise brand logo.jpg, Jul 2020

Future.Travel put together the 5 key reasons why you should consider a cruise as your best choice for a holiday vacation.

As the options for a holiday vacation starts to become a bit of a shortlist, here are some serious choices you should check twice to make sure that a cruise is on the list.

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In an age of pandemics and lockdowns, the new cruise protocols for cruise ships to operate may make a cruise one of the safest forms of travel for couples families, and groups. With increased screening, cleaning, and social awareness of viral contamination cruises will lead the way for a safe extended stay multi-national holiday vacation.


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Less time ‘connecting’ more time enjoying

Moving between cities and countries is time consuming, add in security screening issues, immigration, transport/air check-ins, baggage claims, wait times in queues, and general annoyances and you can spend days of a traditional trip just ‘getting there’. Cruises make it simple. They move the ‘hotel’ while you sleep arriving in time to offload for a day of exploring. No need to pack and unpack your bags every day. More time for enjoying your real connections.


Travel Budget savings.jpg, Jul 2020

Last minute/Long term plans catered to so you stay on budget

When cash is tight, the ability to lock in a low price is the key to having an affordable holiday. Cruises offer the ‘whole deal’ in one package price that you know up front. You can budget and purchase a cruise up to 24 months to meet your future travel plans. Buying cruises early save money. Likewise the flexible traveller can save on last minute purchases of cruises that are in last 14-30 days of sales before sailing by accepting a run of house cabin. These cabins back-fill any empty cabins left prior to sailing.


Cruise Dinner Table.jpg, Jul 2020

Slow Down in Style

Most people like to be pampered and to be surrounded by 5 star service, settings, and ammenities. A cruise delivers those while also signalling to the brain that the ship is not a speed boat or jet, so the trip will be slow. Slow is good for getting your brain and body to relax. Add a spa, a massage, good food, fresh air, a clean and comfortable bed with beautiful linens and your slow down destination provider, your cruise ship, is exactly what your mind and body requested.


Cruises-Kids-Christmas.jpg, Jul 2020

Family outings that are remembered a lifetime

Getting to spend quality time with family, away from stress of everyday life, is difficult for many. A cruise takes that stress away easily as the ship always has something eat, a huge number of kid (and adult) focused activities to keep everyone happy, on board entertainment that changes daily, and new destinations to explore as a family. It is so simple… yet so special that is remembered for a lifetime.

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