The best is book early. At Future.Travel you can book up to 11 months ahead on some airlines. There are great low cost seats available that early.

Second to that, when you use a meta engine like Wego, Skyscanner, etc ALWAYS shop in private or incognito mode, and ALWAYS sort on cheapest when you get results. The meta engines will often sort for you their ‘best’ solution to make them more money… but not necessarily the cheapest flight.

If you don’t mind a few stops it is generally cheaper to take extra stops to get to a destination… odd but true. Same as for how long to arrive… longer overall trip duration often means cheaper flights.

Always check the business class price for the route… some times it is cheaper than economy…

Use an agent to do the work for you… your time is worth money…agents work cheap and know some secrets that you will not discover easily.