At Future.Travel we have at least 1 call per week for this issue. Usually a panic. We can help in many cases (even if you did not buy the original ticket from us) to get you on a connecting flight or come up with a solution (see our FB reviews for an example of this).

Best plan… Clear security 1 hour before departure…if departure is 4pm, clear security at 3pm not 3:30. This basically means adding 1 hour to your advised check in time. 4 pm departure was a 2 hour before flight…. now it needs to be 3 hours… or even 4 hours for international flights.

Ok boring… but better than having to wait till the next day and pay $$S to fix the problem. Also… airlines do leave early if they can get clearance… your $70.00 discount ticket does not cover their $100/minute gate charge. If they are missing 1–2 people and are 20 minutes from scheduled departure… they will depart without you…They will take the $2000 savings and improve their on-time record.

The best Answer: Be early. Sit near the boarding gate. If you find yourself stuck at the airport and need a ticket look to Future.Travel and see if we can provide a fix for the situation.