The other people answering have some very astute observations of how Skyscanner works.

Let me throw in another answer.

Skyscanner may not have the lowest prices because they already filtered out what is not the most beneficial for them as far as profit. They get paid for display. This is based in part on algorithm that looks at your social media, analytics, and a few other things to be what it is you are well predicted to actually purchase. The price of the cheapest flight might not fit your profile.

Second to that, they could actually be returning a lower price but they are now promoting their “best” connection option. If you look at Skyscanner you’ll see that it does not necessarily return the flight sort order for cheapest. By default they return “Best”. Change your setting to ‘Cheapest’ and you may find flights you’ve never seen before.

At https://Future.Travel we are seen on Skyscanner in some markets. Even in those markets were filtered out as we may have the cheapest flights available but the algorithm does not think you will buy from us. Make sure you have selected cheapest and we are generally in the top 1 or 2 results. If you don’t see us in your search results come directly to the Future.Travel website to get real time, not cached, results for your flight search.