What is the average duration of time it takes to go through every single travel website in existence to eventually find the absolute lowest possible airfare price on flight tickets?

Businessman with stop watch, Apr 2020

I am not sure about average for the industry, so I can relate the time taken for a Future.Travel shopping experience online.

The average for us is about 3.5 minutes to find the flight, after on average looking at 3 screens of flight summary’s, and .20 screen views of calendar comparable pricing. Most people don’t use calendar as they are focused on particular days.

About another 2 minutes to complete passenger details - longer now as domestic international airlines require more information than just a name.

About another 2 minutes to complete credit card/Bitcoin payment with reply from payment processor of success.

So from landing on site to having confirmation of booking in hand…. about 7.5 minutes.

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