SkyScanner has algorithms that determine what you ‘as an individual’ see displayed. If your prices seem high it is because they are feeding you what they predict you are willing to pay and desire. C-Trip (the Chinese state owned OTA) bought SS last year and have since changed many things. You may notice that some airlines have no competing fares (UA, AA, etc) as SS has done a deal to remove competition for the airlines in exchange for….??

SS also has preferred (read more profitable to SS) suppliers (OTA’s) that they will put forward, and eliminate lower cost options. So yes you may not be seeing the cheapest flights.

Here are 5 ways to find the lowest cost airfares using SkyScanner…

  1. Switch your search to incognito or private view to hide your digital browser identity from them.
  2. When you do a search and the results come back, sort by cheapest. By default now SS is giving you the ‘best’ results… Best for who???
  3. When you select your flight from an OTA and arrive on their site, redo the search from the beginning. You may find a cheaper option than what SS gave you…. maybe a different airline but $400 cheaper and faster…
  4. Some of SS suggested fares are combo’s of 2 one ways… check to see if yours is one of them. Check both RT and 2 one ways to see if fare is cheaper.
  5. SS uses cached data (saved from earlier in the day) and so do some Airlines and OTA’s so you may not be getting correct pricing. Always check on the OTA website for the most ‘recent fare’ which should be displayed. Goig back to SS for the same search will often give you the same (false) results as it is just using stored data.

Future.Travel we may appear as an option for flights on SS… depending on your market. We are blocked in some markets, in some cases your personal algorithm may preclude us from being displayed even in markets where we exist. That is the nature of today’s ‘shopping online’ for travel with SS. We understand the process. Just come to us directly for realtime pricing and availability. Or visit your favourite OTA/Travel Agent to check out the best options for your travel. There are flights cheaper than what you see on SkyScanner.