At one time I owned a telephone company.

The question for making ‘free phone calls’ I will take to mean calling: 1. a local pstn number in the country; 2. Making an international call to a fixed phone/mobile phone somewhere in the world; 3. It does not mean making an ap to ap call (peer to peer call.. eg using Whatsap to call another Whatsp user); 4. We are really saying ‘ap to call a PSTN’ terminated calls.

For the best through put you are probably looking at Skype. Quality is good on WhatsAp. Best calls today are ap to ap calls. At Future.Travel we have a fixed PSTN number, and also list direct calls via WhatsAp, Viber, Skype, and Zalo for contacting us. Serious business requires the ability for global customers to call you 24/7 without the limitations of phone (PSTN) restrictions or tolls.