Cheap airline tickets, discounted airline tickets do not have to come at the cost of service. We are at Future.Travel are committed to providing great service to our customers regardless of the price they may pay for a ticket. We so believe in people that we donate from every single online transaction to social enterprise to help the local community. Currently we are providing bicycles for children who have no way to get to school other than walking up to five or 10 km. We believe you would like to help others as well. So to this end we provide you the opportunity to join us in the crowdfunding exercise to help support others in need. We let you match our donation to the chosen social enterprise.

Like it all good organizations, we are completely transparent. We accept all major credit cards, including JCB, and you can pay via Bitcoin no matter where you may live.

The next time you buy ticket, and are of thinking low cost airline tickets, think of Future.Travel where your purchase is also helping change someone’s life through a passive donation. You will have a great trip and someone halfway around the world will have access to a better life.