Just like the saying ‘don’t believe everything you read’ is true, the same goes for ‘cheap tickets online’. Unfortunately the practice of bait and switch still exists online, and in some cases with very large brand name outlets. At some point they get caught…. or not. You the consumer wear the cost.

Online can be safer that over the counter, and cheaper. You take a risk where ever you buy. So some good hints to safe buying.

  1. Know what you think you should pay
  2. If you see a deal that is too good to be true… wonder why this is possible. In some cases buying outside your normal shopping area can yeild a better price as costs and prices are lower due to taxes, and labour. We see that lot on Future.Travel
  3. When you shop on SkyScanner and other meta engines ALWAYS select cheapest as they will by default send you to the ‘Best’ deal (for them??) for a flight.
  4. Shop in the local currency of the website (Peso’s, Pounds, Euros, Dong, Rupiah, etc) as you avoid the exchange rate influence at pricing to cover a currency spread.
  5. Take your search the way to the last page of a transaction as many sites add costs along the way so when you arrive at checkout your cost is much higher than what was advertised.
  6. If possible talk to a human after you have booked to see if the details match, and to see what the service response is to your inquiry.

Risk… sure.. Qaking up in the morning is risky as you have no idea what could happen during the day.. but much better than the alternative.

Buying online can be very safe. Choose your partner well, and make sure you trust your gut instincts as to whether to proceed.