There are many different ways to construct a multi stop airline ticket. At Future.Travel we provide the ability for the customer to allow the system to create a multi stop ticket, or to have the customer do it manually.

The benefit of having the system generated the multi-stop ticket is it generally allows for the itinerary to be issued on one ticket. This is important for a few reasons.

First is it will combine allowed airline connections and fare basis.

In most cases that allows through connection of baggage. No need to recheck at each stop.

Pricing is almost always cheaper than any set of single one way tickets being connected.

If there are problems you have one point of contact instead of many, as it’s all on one ticket. That also means that you normally have one set of terms and conditions for the entire journey, as it is issued on one ticket.

When you select multicity searches on Future.Travel or any other site that allows you to make your own choices as to which airlines to combine, what connection times you want to have, and and of course select the pricing that suits your budget. You can achieve the same outcomes. There are some risks however.

Baggage seems to be the largest issue the people face. Immigration, as you need to clear customs and immigration to check-in for each new flight, in some cases requiring a visa for a country just to transit. In proper or insufficient time for connections as the automated system has by default the minimum connect time for airports built-in’s.

With a single ticket multicity ticket and you may find one set of rules, if any one flight in the itinerary is delayed or cancelled the airline will look after you. When you construct your own through multicity ticketing, on separate airlines, airlines do not care if you miss your flight on the next airline Of your itinerary as they are only providing you point to point service. They are not the carrier taking you to the final destination.