Blockchain takes on many forms in its application to being ‘used’ in airline related transactions.

Bitcoin and crypto currencies can be used to purchase tickets across borders when other payment methods may fail. Future.Travel accepts blockchain payments using Bitcoin as a payment method, regardless of where you live. Shop in your favourite fiat currency and then checkout using a blockchain enabled transaction.

Imagine your bag that is checked for a trip. It is forever tagged one time with a blockchain id. Change airlines, change cities, your bag will always appear … even when lost. Every scan showing its last location on a blockchain record that is never lost.

Time to check-in. Is it you… or your identity thief? Blockchain ID linking brings your real biometrics to every immigration, boarding, and check-in gateway. Imagine not having to prove who you are and just walking to your gate. The blockchain enabled Future.Travel pathway forward is coming up fast.

These are only 3 quick examples of how blockchain technology is changing the world of travel. Blockchain enabled travel will the ‘disrupter’ to the status quo of old airline networks, replacing clutter with efficiency.