Great Question and as you probably discovered not an easily available solution.

Many airlines do not have multi-city, open jaw (where you skip a connection as you drive or cruise to next departure point), or stop overs. They do ‘simple’ connections. This is especially true for LCC’s - low cost carriers.

Most OTA’s are similar to the airlines and do not have the logic to construct the fares for the complicated flight combinations, and have the ability to price/book the itinerary as a single ticket. This task requires some pretty heavy programming as the variables are huge on airlines, routes, and combination rules.

Some OTA’s price the attempt by simply adding a group of single flights together… which works but generally costs much more than a single basis fare for the same itinerary.

A good or expert travel agent ‘should’ be able to generate a flight itinerary to meet your requests. That being said it not a 100% surety that they have the skills to match airlines, routes, rules, ticketing to a successful outcome.

So…. we do it automagically at Future.Travel Best travel website for airline tickets No Booking Fee it is developed via the multi-city search option on our website. It can be used to generate stop-overs, multi-city destinations (as compared to one way or round trip), can create a grouping of one way flights that be ticketed under one master ticket, or a combination of ticketing to create the best pricing options for your flights.

Our expert is AI. Still learning but 97% of the time is quicker to the solution than our humans… who are there to assist and answer questions on our live chat channel. We do not charge a booking fee for supporting you in your search and purchase of a ticket on the Future.Travel website regardless of how complicated the itinerary may be in creating and ticketing.