Actually this is the best travel hack for Europe and global travel.

You may be saving money but what are you doing about your health? You may have saved heap of money on your tickets at Future.Travel but what good is it if you are too sick to move from the bed or toilet?

Number 1 Travel Hack to keep your holiday on track is to pack, next to your passport, some anti-diarrhoea medication like Lomotil. Something that will work in a few minutes not a few days.

Having worked with groups for more than a few years, the ‘magic’ pills have saved more than a few peoples holidays. The latest use… Italy…. for someone who claimed they knew how to stay healthy.

2nd to that hack… is finding your lost friends when you are in a strange place or strange building (The Louvre, airport, train station), or in a swirling crowd of 100,000 people at a festival) or trying to find that lost ‘tour group’ member who can’t find their way to the meeting point. We recommend “What 3 Words” to our travellers be they couples or groups, or even single people who want to be able to be pinpointed if necessary. W3W’s will pinpoint your location to within 3 meters… any where on the planet and has directional assistance (like Google Maps) to lead you from point to point.