Actually it has nothing to do with being “fat”. “Fat” is a perception that you may have, but is dictated by your peer group and society. What you may refer to as fat is normal and beautiful in some/many cultures. Airlines don’t discriminate as they have set rules for ‘people of size’.

If you are 6 months old and can’t sit on your care takers lap for the entire flight, then you are obligated to buy two tickets for both of you. It is just the rule that if are taking up seat you need to pay for it.

Thai Airways now has seat restrictions that say the seatbelt must fit around you on it’s new Dreamliners or will be denied seating in business class, Finnair is weighing customers, and other airlines are reconfiguring seating to accomodate people of size… with wider seats at a higher cost. Future.Travel works with both passengers and airlines to ensure the best airline experience possible for all passengers. We have booked 2 seats for people of size…whether they are 5 kilos or 190 kilos… the airlines generally have an adjoining second seat option available for booking - at a discount as the passenger has already paid the tax once for a flight, so just needs to pay the fare.