This happens more than you would expect.

At Future.Travel we provide a name ‘mask’ for you to check to make sure it matches your passport. It changes your inputted name to match the passport ‘coded name’ in your passports reader strip on the bottom of the passport information page. It is a valuable double check system for you when you are doing your booking.

If you have made an error and contact your OTA (like Future.Travel) within the first hour after booking, in many cases they can correct the spelling error. In some cases (like with some discount carriers) it is not possible. After the first hour it becomes more of a challenge to ‘fix’ an issue with names and spelling.

In all cases it is best to immediately notify the OTA/Airline of the error and to supply them with a copy of the passport/ID that you will use for check-in/travel so that they can verify, match/fix the name error. In some cases the names can not be changed but the agent (yes OTA’s are agents and human) can put a remark in the booking for the airline to see when you check-in that the spelling change was attempted by agent and is ‘on file’ - in the remarks - for the correct name. Remarks are only good if they read them, agree to accept them, and you don’t have issues with immigration officials who might insist on exact matches…